The importance of Values

We have been very purposeful in putting our Values front and centre in all that we do. Especially in our communications, and when evaluating ideas and projects. We are still adding to them and refining our language, but what we have so far has come from a lot of time thinking about what has meaning, and how to respect self and others.

Please check them out on our dedicated Values page!

Over the coming days and weeks, we will be posting details of the discussions which surround each one. Many of the Values seem to be fairly obvious, and yet do not support the status quo. Others try to reinvigorate some things which used to be natural, but have long since been buried in social, technological or institutional developments.

In an age where changes and decisions are coming thick and fast, it’s vital to have a set of Values which can guide you through the grey, and result in an authentic representation of yourself or those who you represent.

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