Welcome to the new home for Designers of Change!

Together with our Facebook pages, this website provides a platform to learn from each other, and collaborate.

For now, we clearly display ways to interact with us at our Live Events, as well as the Values we hold. In future we look forward to expanding what is on offer, including: showcasing work that deserves attention, providing online video content, thought provoking articles, guest features, and growing channels for networking.

However ultimately this website aims to put itself out of a job. It seeks activity in the real world. Not the digital one. If we can help individuals and communities to achieve their full potential- by encouraging everyone to generate their own ideas, and to contribute to others, evaluating what they represent, provide ways of making them a reality, testing them and ensuring that no-one is being held back; then we will have achieved everyone taking on their responsibilities as a Designer of Change.

As Designers of Change, we have ideas to share and feel that there are key issues to address. In Cape Town, the word “design” has been brought into the foreground in recent years. However we do not have nearly enough results to show for its usage. Therefore we need to give meaning to what is being said, and engage more people to take action towards innovation and positive social change.

Everyone is a work in progress. And in presenting ourselves now, we hope that you will accept your role as a Designer of Change and take part in defining our character. This means taking time to understand our Values. It also means looking at how we act and what we could offer you. Help us in return by challenging us to continuously progress our ideas and language. To listen. Hopefully we will see you at the events. Remember to share the ideas with friends. Ideally you could even lead a project. Or maybe you could sponsor one.

We honestly believe Cape Town could become a leading city in terms of reflecting the diversity of the people who make up its fabric, and encouraging unique expressions. There is a lot to do to achieve this goal. Although we are confident that change is well underway… Local communities have started to demand more. People have come alive. But let’s not wait for someone else to grant our wishes. Let’s work together towards making them a reality now.



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