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With the launch of our website and Facebook social media, comes the announcement of our first two events! And although we have tried to provide information describing what we do as Designers of Change, as well as the Values which direct our actions, the best way to get a good understanding is to come and hear what we have to say!


How to become a Designer of Change

– Learning, community projects and Live Events!

Ultimately having an online presence helps with sharing content and connecting our network. But Designers of Change are all about real-life outcomes. And some things just aren’t the same over the internet. Learning and community engagement are best when there’s strong social and personal involvement. As people, we are part of nature and the physical world, therefore we appreciate tangible environments and interactions. And we must not settle for digital methods for the sake of scale and convenience, if they do not help us to achieve what we intended, or deprive us of a more meaningful and impactful experience. The Live Events below provide ways for you to become familiar with what Designers of Change have to offer. And we look forward to adding many more throughout 2017!



Education & Learning in Cape Town – Brainstorm evening

(link to Live Events page)

An evening to bring together everyone who is committed to improving Cape Town’s learning environment for learners of all ages.

This is the first in a series of events which hopes to create a space for all stakeholders from across the entire learning system in Cape Town (and possibly beyond) in an effort to maintain and add momentum to the conversations that are already taking place.

By raising awareness of the realities and challenges that are experienced, we can draw in more Designers of Change and better scope the issues. With a sound foundation of shared knowledge, we can start seeing where there is crossover, and whether there are any areas that could be improved immediately. Then we can create and promote resilient ideas that have the input of many disciplines and perspectives. This leads to ongoing network communications as the ideas are tried and tested. And finally everyone involved can adopt the effective methods or strategies for short and long term impacts.

Come along and you will be part of this journey.


2 Day Change and Design Course

(link to Live Events page)

This course is the result of:

  • Many, many discussions on a daily basis with people from all backgrounds who call Cape Town home
  • The input of a lot of Capetonians who we most respect for what they do and how they do it (often positivity and urgency as they strive to improve situations for local communities or the wider public)
  • All of our facilitators and course curators professional experiences in the education, business and design industries (and many more…)

Check out the full Course Program below:

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See you all soon!

Live Events page


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